Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How I get my Disney movies for almost free!

For the last couple years I have been a member of both Disney Movie Club and Disney Movie Rewards, but lately I have been raking in the great deals!  I received all the movies below for about $32, that is the price of 1 regular priced blu-ray title.

Group 1: My Dad generously joined DMC as well so he can gift Disney Movies to his favourite granddaughter. This package cost $8.

Group 2 and 3: As a member of DMC I referred 2 of my friends to the program and received a thank you package for both registrations. These packages were also free for shipping at $8 each.

Group 4: These were points redemptions with Disney Movie rewards so they were absolutely free (yes I photoshopped TS3 it is in the mail, and I am too impatient to wait for it to tell you all to wait!)

Group 5: These were special deals from Disney Movie rewards. I entered 3 codes (which still went towards my total), and they were FFS

Ok I used a lot of technical jargon in there, so hopefully I can clarify it. DMR or Disney Movie Rewards is my favourite program! You know this long codes you get on a piece of paper in every Disney Movie, those are like free money! You simply enter them into your account and they really add up, a normal DVD has about 100 points, and a blu-ray combo pack 150 points. We redeemed our points for two beautiful dolls for Evie and two movies this year alone. The best part is when I redeem for a movie, that movie comes with more points, so I am even further ahead. Seriously people, don't let your points sit there on the shelf, use them (or y'know throw them my way ;) )

We also joined DMC or Disney Movie Club a couple years ago, and quickly fulfilled our membership. It is a pretty standard monthly subscription plan. I always get asked if it is a good deal, and I definitely think it works out in the end. If you choose the most basic subscription you can get 4 (or 5 with a code) blurays for $2 each. After that you are committed for 5 buy 5 more blu-rays over 2 years for full price, so essentially they work out to half price. So as long as you would be buying Disney anyway, you might as well save! If I have peeked your interest (and you are Canadian), please use my link so I can earn some more referral packs!

I know you ladies may have had an inkling that I am a bit of a Disney nut, but now you know my secrets for fuelling my collection with a minimal outlay. These bring together a couple of my favourite things, Disney and saving money!

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