Monday, March 17, 2014

Entertainment centre kitchen DIY

I wish you guys could understand how much I have wanted to blog this, and for so long! But this was one of those marathon projects that took months and months longer than expected. When I picked up this entertainment centre in July I figured I could have it done in a couple weekends, ha! The first step was the hardest and longest, I spent more than 6 hours just trying to sand the dark wood finish off. Once I got that off it the painting and mack-tacking weren't too intensive. Finally in late august it was finished enough to come inside (because it was taking up some serious space in our garage), but was nowhere near done! Well I kept fiddling and then ignoring it all winter. We went through three different fridge doors (here's hoping this one stays on!) and I got tired of staring at the hardware. Finally this week my FIL cam over and installed the oven door, which prompted my to finally finish it off, I am so glad to have it done!

Why bother to go through this trouble? Well firstly I really prefer wooden toys for her whenever possible, plastic is so junky and wood and metal are much more realistic for imitation play. Also as our play area is adjacent to our living area, everything in there needs to match as well as look good in the space. I was just not going to find that in the conventional plastic kitchen.

I was inspired by the host of awesome ideas and tutorials that can be found on pintrest. Please head over there and check it out to see how you can arrange your unique entertainment centre.

 So here is where we began, this is the centre with all the drawers etc removed. It had no back and was a terribly dark colour. Yes that little bitty sander on the top was my tool for the project, no wonder it took so long!

 Yay it is all finished! My favourite short cut tip was the duck tape. Yes, all those pretty polka-dotted edges are tape! It really saved me a lot of detailing and is more resilient than paint.

I was planning to just use a stainless steel bowl for the sink, but my Dad brought me one which he had recently removed from his boat, and it was the perfect size! Her "shove" is duck tape once again, this time the sheets. I created the burners with metallic sharpie and stencil. Her window is just a picture frame without the glass. The plan is to let her eventually draw her own interchangeable outdoor scenes, but for now, mine will have to do.

I mack-tacked the inside of the fridge to give it a more authentic look, and hated every minute of it! It was soooooo fussy, seriously if you have the option to paint without a ton of sanding, just to it.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and that maybe I have inspired you to create a kitchen for your own little.

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