Monday, February 17, 2014

Sofia crafts part 3

Well it is now less than a week until Evie's Sofia the first Tea party birthday! I am pretty much finished my DIY-ing so I thought I would share a few more of my crafty products. All of these feature images from a birthday pack by Blue Angel Digitals

1.Sofia Napkin fold:

--Start with a normal square napkin 
-open it up and fold all the corners to the centre

-repeat the fold on the same side
-flip it and fold to the centre for the third time


-Now for the delicate part. hook you fingers underneath and grab the edge while pushing the point down with your thumb.
-Do all 4 points.

-Add something in the middle to ensure it keeps it's shape.

2. Hanging Banner:

This one is pretty easy and I think pretty much anyone could do it.
1-Print and cut out your pennants, punch holes in the two upper corners.
2-String them in order (more difficult that it seems!) onto a ribbon or strand of tulle.
3-Decorate at will! I put bows between each piece.

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