Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More Sofia crafts!

The party crafting continues, here are two quick projects you can make for super cheap!  My main goals for a party decoration is for it to be both cute and inexpensive, that is why I love DIY so much. I got the inspiration for the doll decoration from a listing on Etsy, but the seller wanted $15 for one. Sure if you were not crafty, that might be worth it, but I made it for about $3.

Doll decoration:
1.My dear husband downloaded a picture of Sofia for me and printed it out, then he did a vertical flip on the image so I could glue them together and have them line up.
2.I cut a vague skirt shape out of 4 pieces of card stock and stuck them together to form a full shape.
3. I grabbed the scraps from the poof balls and bunched them in the holes between the card stock to fill in the shape and make it purple.
4. I cut vertical strips of tulle and hot glued them around in two layers.
5. Add any decorations, like Sofia's pearls.
6. Put up and away out of the reach of toddlers.


1.lay out 3 pieces of tissue paper and cut square
2.fold it accordion style until it is all folded.
3.secore with tape or ties.
4. put away until party day
5. on party day pull each individual layer apart and fluff it until you get the desired look.

Here are some fluffed from last year, to give you an idea.

-By Erin Smith


  1. Erin I absolutely love your Sophia and your poofball creation! I think with the chinese lanterns the clusters look so fabulous. We're planning Brayden and Julie's birthday (two months late) for the week after V-Day and I'm still not ready. Thank goodness for Pinterest!

    1. yes I completely agree! Pintrest is always my saviour! This is my pin board for her Sofia Party