Friday, February 14, 2014

Its a Love Story!

I imagine some of you look at my pictures and wonder how old I am, and how did I get to be a wife and mother in such a short time?

Well, I am 26 and my Husband I started dating when I was 14, yes that is 12 long years! Soon I will have been with him longer than I have been without. We are high school sweethearts, but I guess of a scandalous sort, when he first asked me out I was in grade 9 and he was in grade 12. Yes, I was that grade 9 at the prom. We first met in the fall production of the drama club, yes we were both drama geeks, but it took him until April to actually ask me out, and it has been steady on course since then

He graduated high school soon after, but chose to go to our local university, so not too much changed. I no longer saw him during the day, but we made lots of time on the weekend. However when I graduated 3 years later I left to go to University 2 hours away. That was tough. We made a point to see each other every two weeks, I would go down once a month, and he would come up once a month. It was expensive and time consuming and I was in tears every time we parted, but we stuck it out. We got engaged the summer after my first year. Many people including my parents thought we were plum crazy, but we knew what we wanted. He actually gave me my first ring when we had only been together 6 months. He always said he knew we were going to be together forever, which is pretty heavy stuff to hear at 15!

 Once I moved back home we had a year at home together before it was his turn to move away for University. Because of the nature of his program he was able to split his time: 4 months away, 4 months here, and 4 months away. During this time I was planning our wedding mostly on my own (with his phone input) because we were getting married within a week of his last exams. That was no fun! Fortunately I was still living at home so my Mom was a massive help, but I would not want to do that again!

Well, his course winded down, he surprised me by coming home almost a week early, with 10 days to go before our wedding! It was great to have him home to help finish up the last few details, and to show him our first apartment, which I had been getting ready, but which he had only seen in photos.

On August 22, 2008 when I was just 21 we got married. I will never regret marrying young as it was definitely the right decision for us and for our beliefs. We didn't believe in living together before marriage and were ready to make a serious commitment to each other. We had a short honeymoon, but because everything was new in our relationship, you could say our honeymoon lasted much longer than that as we were really learning about each other and about us, and really enjoying ourselves.

After a few years, and a return to school for me, we were finally ready to bring our first child into our family. In February 2012 we welcomed our first daughter into our family. We had been together for just shy of 10 years, and married for nearly 3.5 years.  We were finally ready to take the next big step in our marriage. While our focus would always be "us" now the "us" was about to get bigger!

This summer we reaffirmed our wedding vows for the occasion of our 5th anniversary. It was great to
be reminded that we are now and will be forever a family, and that is the most important thing ever.

Some people say you are crazy to marry young, that it will never work. But I think it is all about attitude and expectation. We went into this marriage agreeing that divorce was not an option for us, for better or for worse we would ride it out and never give up. We also understood how to grow together. I think it was a blessing to have met him so young. I have have always had him as part of me, and that way he can be a living changing part. We are not static in our relationship, we are for certain not the people we were when we got together, but that is amazing and dynamic. We have learned to flex and grow around each other and not apart.  Also because we were each other's first serious relationships, we do not have to consider evil comparisons or rank each other along side anyone else. We are each other's 10/10.  If anytime we doubt ourselves or our partner, it is our job to lift them up to that rank again, with support and by cherishing those things which make them such a great spouse.

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