Monday, February 10, 2014

Is there such a thing as the 2 year sleep regression?

Oh my goodness! This week has been a doozy! Evie has never ever ever like to sleep, but this has to be the worst she has ever been.

She spent the first 6 months of her life napping and sleeping on us. She refused to sleep while out of someones arms. We eventually managed to convince her to sleep 1 foot away from me in a co-sleeper. Once she could sit up we moved her to her crib, but still tucked right up against my side of the bed so we could still hold hands as she fell asleep. When we moved there was no room for her next to my bed, so she spent months 12 through 15 in the opposite corner, but still in our room. For most of this time she was a little terror to put down for nap. Most naps were preceded by an hour long session of screaming and back arching, fun!

At 15 months she moved into her own room, where she would stay until her early morning nursing, after which she would co-sleep with us. Somewhere around 20 months she started to drop that feeding and hallelujah! sleeping though the night. On a  really good night she would sleep 12 hours with no interruption. Around this time she also started going down for a nap with less fuss. She would nurse and rock and eventually allow herself to be transferred.

Earlier this month I though we had really turned a corner, I could lay her down after just nursing her and she would put herself to sleep. I was in total bliss! My night was reclaimed! and then suddenly it changed.

This week she has decided to:
A) Forget how to put herself to sleep
B) Refuse to be transferred
C)Wake-up before the sun (putting her nightly totally hours to 8 or 9 hours)
D) Nap! (unless she is in the car)
E) Climb out of her crib!
In case you can't interoperate the sheer pinkness of this picture, this is her doing a headstand in her crib while I watch.

Yes sounds like fun right! I have been spending 2-3 hours a day rocking her down, trying to gently out her to bed and then being "not present" in the room as she screams, and eventually just starts playing. Camp it out is most effective with her as she has always been incapable of any kind of cry it out, she cannot unwind herself once she is upset. Today I said "the heck with it" (after 2 hours of sitting) and left her crying so I could change over the laundry (or she would have had no diapers!) and when I came back, I was greeted by her at the door. I put her back in her crib, and she was back out thirty seconds later. Perfect! So now we have to move the crib even further down, which will make transfers nearly impossible.

Have any of you experienced this? Please tell me she will relearn her old ways!?

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