Monday, January 20, 2014

The Great Cloth Diaper Change: Then and Now

So last year I decided to jump in head first and organize The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2013. I have organized plenty of parties and events in my time, but this was my first time organizing a public event. It was definitely overwhelming, and a serious amount of work, but I think it was worth it in the long run. Call me crazy, but this year I am gearing up to do it again!

What is GCDC? Officially it is an attempt to have as many babies as possible changed internationally simultaneously into a cloth diaper. It can be a symbolic change from a disposable into cloth, or a cloth to cloth celebration of your choice. Two years ago there were over 8000 change, and in 2013 we beat that number with over 10000.

Why bother with GCDC? I admit it seems a little strange to be dedicating so much time to promoting a product from which I do not benefit monetarily, but I have benefited in so many other ways. Cloth diapers to me are:

1. Environmentally responsible
Disposible diapers are full of suspect chemicals that I do to want to expose my child to on a constant basis, and short of EC cloth diapers are the only way to do this. Also the sheer amount of garbage generated by disposable diapering is staggering.

2.Economically responsible
Cloth diapering a single child is unquestionably less expensive than putting the same child in cloth diapers. However when yo consider using those same diapers on a younger sibling, that child is essentially free, that is when the numbers become astounding.

3.A rallying point for an absolutely fabulous group of moms
This to me is community worth celebrating, no only are we trying to promote the physical decision to cloth diaper your baby, but we are supporting the parents themselves, by providing these times to bond with other parents in a similar situation.

What would I change for this year? I am already narrowing in on a new location, so we can start working on promotion and registration. That way hopeful we can get a few more people on the day.  Last year, as we were hampered by severe weather last year, we ended up with 24 little bums and it would be great to get at least a smidge more. The good news is we now have a more established community so I hope the information will be able to spread a little further.

Other organizers, or attendees anywhere, do you have any other suggestions or ideas?


  1. Stopping by from your SITS tribe to say hello! :)

    I really wanted to cloth diaper my first, but for whatever reason it never happened. Then I had my second, and we got sent some cloth diapers to try, but things were so crazy with two kids that I never even gave them a go. If I have a third, I will definitely be doing my homework and trying to get on the cloth diaper bandwagon. :)

  2. I wanted to cloth diaper before my son was born but we didn't start it when he was born. And then by the time things got a little less crazy he was going in to daycare and they wouldn't allow cloth diapers. I admire families who do it, and I would definitely be willing to give it a try on the weekends. Does that work? Can you do part time cloth diapers?

  3. Well, I'm a little more excited that my kids are out of diapers (we have 5 kids), but this sounds like a fun project that you are very passionate about. I am excited to get to know you better through the SITS tribal group. Tammy

  4. Angela, You definitely can! You should contact, she may be able to hook you up ;)