Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sofia the first party invitations

So in a little less than a month we are going to be hosting Little Miss's second birthday. Boy time flies! As she has a mild liking for Sofia lately, and serves us tea constantly, so Tea with Sofia was an obvious theme. As I prepare for this party in the next couple weeks you can expect several posts, so consider this the first in the series.

First things first! The invitations!

 One of my good friends cut out the teapots for me on her cri-cut machine. Then I created a stencil of the design from Sofia's skirt, and stencilled it on. Lastly I added a few pearls, because a lady always needs her pearls!

The other side included the necessary info.  A friend clued me in that the simplest way to make any kind of image like this is in powerpoint/keynote. So there is your tip for the day! All the layers are so easy to manipulate independently you can customize to your heart's content.

Next up is the envelopes. I love this design and confess to using to almost every time! It is much easier to make than it looks, I promise

Step 1: Square off your paper.
Step 2: Bring all four corners to meet in the middle
Step 3: Glue a contrast band around the middle
Step 4: Decorate and you are done! 
I told you it was easy!

All set to go out into the world!

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