Monday, January 6, 2014

Rapunzel gets a makeover

For Christmas Evie got a couple new "pretty dollies" for her (cough cough my) collection. They often are packaged with their hair stiffened into the desired shape, so it is sometimes a bit of a chore to get them into shape. fortunately Merida needed little attention as her curly hair would probably be ruined if I fiddled with it, but Rapunzel was a different story! I should have expected that with hair as her defining feature, I would be in for quite a bit of work. So this afternoon at nap time I rolled up my sleeves and dove in.

This was her hair when we began. It wasn't  really tangled (ba dum cha) mostly just messy. I didn't take a picture of the front, but it was solid with gunk and caused me the most frustration and time to get out. You have to sort of massage it to break it down before you can even attempt to brush it.

Here it is all nicely brushed out, i swear it got longer. The bottom of my hand is where her feet end, it is longer than she is tall!

Halfway done. I did a short roll on the larger side then a dutch braid, which I then wrapped in a smaller braid made from the hair just above her ear.

Almost done! I gathered it all into one large braid and then wrapped the two loose small braids from the previous picture around that.

Now she is all decorated. I know the flowers aren't perfectly accurate, but they are what I had lying around the house.                                                 What do you think did I get the look right?

A couple more quick shots of the final product.

Evie got in on it too, and got a Rapunzel inspired do!

And the Rapunzel went home to join all her other Disney Animators Collection Dolls. (All original series as I think the dresses are way cuter, like they had big ball gowns as toddlers!)

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