Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"Love Happens" to drive me crazy!

How many times a day is it healthy to think about a release that is still over 2 weeks away? Once, twice? I hope not, because I sure think about it more than that! As you may or may not know, as an AppleCheeks ambassador, I unfortunately know no more than any of you! Though of course I scour for hints as intensely as all of you. So far my "research" has gleaned these tantalizing tidbits:

-it is not a re-release (though how excited would I be to see LF or Samoa back again!)
-it is not a print
-It is something they have never done before (last time they said that, Joy! was the first diaper made with coloured fleece)
-it is in fact a diaper ( I had my doubts for awhile)
-this is going to be the biggest, and bestest release yet!
-and most tantalizing of all, It is somewhere in this picture!

Is it the light coloured dark snaps in the pile (or is that just storm?) is it the medium shade in her hands, or the dark colour just peeking out from behind the pile? How many hours have I spent staring at this photo?

So what do you think it is going to be? What do you hope it will be?
I would love to see a girly shade, but I am not getting my hopes up. I am trying to consider the colour gaps in the AppleCheeks line-up but there are not very many anymore, they have been great at giving us a great variety over the years.
 However there is a district lack of pink and purple! (a girl can always dream right?)


  1. I wonder if there is some technology to un-black and white a photo accurately.. lol. And I agree, there is a lack of pink and purple. As someone who only came into applecheeks a few months ago, I have RS but no purple so that is what I'm hoping for! And I'm with you on hoping it isn't too crazy to think about the new release all the time. My countdown to February 14th rivals most children's Christmas countdown in excitement level. 16 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I can't even look at the photo, because it drives me nuts. I actually didn't know that it was only 'in' the picture somewhere, so I was thinking it was that big pile of light diapers with dark I don't know! All I know is, if it's pink, purple, or teal, I'm gonna have to buy at least 2 in each size. Here's a thought though, something that they have never done before is release a colour that was a mistake colour, such as Dark Cherry Tomato or St. Lucia Too. Wouldn't that be fabulous?!

  3. I really hope for a shade of pink... I try and keep myself occupied because the suspense is killing me. I have gone back and forth with that photo as well..

  4. I didn't know it was something they've never done! I just know they said "twist". I'm excited!! I think the rainbow really needs a hot purple, not as blue as PR, but darker than LF, with a pinkness to it. I think it would just POP! And look fabulous with Steel Me - my new metric when dreaming of will it look next to SM? I also think a cool blue-green, like the Delicious snaps, would be lovely.

  5. The pile in the bottom of the pic has a print on it!...maybe the fleece is print!

    1. yes, someone pointed it out to me, but I wonder if my eyes are playing tricks on me?