Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Meditations on a forthcoming second christmas

In exactly one week we will be celebrating Evie's second Christmas and am super excited! She is such a little girl this year, and I really hope she will "get" the occasion. Last year she was so little and was generally oblivious the whole time, she opened a couple presents but mostly just hung out.  This year her new curiosity and the Sofia paper, will work together for a snowstorm of paper I am sure.

It feels kind of like a transition year. Last year she was a baby and next year she will be a child but this year she is kind of caught in the middle. Sometimes I look at her and wonder how she got to be so big and smart, but other times, like when we are rocking, she is still completely my baby.

As much as we try, it is obviously difficult to teach her about Christmas. She has heard the story, attended Sunday school and played with her nativity plenty, but I know she doesn't "get" it. I am looking forward to next year when she might being to understand and talk about it. I know if we tried we could probably get a word and recognition of Santa, but we have decided to downplay that aspect of Christmas in our house. So far attempts to get her to say "Merry Christmas" have only been met with scrunchy smiles.

Unlike us, I know she is feeling no anticipation of the holiday but I am so looking forward to her reactions on the day. On Christmas Eve we will head to church where she can see her friends and be oooo'ed over by the seniors. Then we will head to my In-laws for the big party. She is such a social butterfly I know she will be wound up just by the people and the attention even before she sees her other favorite thing, food!

Christmas morning is going to be very different this year, our normal schedule has been completely thrown out. All of her Grandparents are going to come here to see her open her presents and to eat breakfast. I really hope she is not going to be overwhelmed with presents, we really tried to hold ourselves back ( and were moderately successful) but I am sure our presents will only account for one third of the total! But we decided that as long as it takes her to open them,  that is how long it takes. We will not be pushing or rushing her, if she wants to stop and play or eat or just cuddle that is fine.
However I hope she doesn't take too long! I think we are pushing the lunch/dinner at my parents house ahead this year, so I would not want to  run into that. That evening we are probably trying something new. Our Church is hosting a dinner uptown for people who have nowhere else to go for Christmas. I admit I am a little nervous to go so far out of my comfort zone, but I think I need to man up and do it, and we will all be better for it!

Anyway all that ramble is to say that I am super excited to share this Christmas with Evie. It is so exciting to see how her reactions to the holiday change every year  and to finally have a child around for Christmas again, since let;s face it, children really do make the season.

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