Monday, December 16, 2013

Advent Conspiracy week 3: Give more.

This weeks topic is so closely related to last weeks that it was difficult to speak about only one. Last week we talked about the "spend less" concept and the rejection of consumerism. This week is the solution to that problem, while seemingly like a complete opposite statement!

The answer that we are being asked to give more "quality' in our gifts. AC has never been about shunning the tradititon of gift giving, but rather re-considering it. We are asked to ponder deeply the message and feeling behind our gifts. Find soemthign that a person will use and appreciatef or years to come and never end up as "stuff".

A simple way to combine these two presents is with homemade gifts. What skills do you have that you could turn into some meaningful gifts without feeding the christmas consumerism monster? Perhaps some consumables? Have you ever seen christmas baking go to waste? Just no fruitcake ;)

Another combination of the prinicples would be a charity gift. When we send commerically we contribute only to the profits of large companies and the reiciculous finiancial divisions in the world. We could choose instead to contribute to charity in the givers name. There are several companes who offer catalogues of tangible gifts for the occasion, a goat or misquito netting, or school supplies bless both the giver and the giftee.

The utimate answer to the question is of course to give presence instead of presents. The famous example is of a  grown son who gives his father a bag of coffee beans, but they came with a condition, the coffee could only been brewed when they were together. The son made a commitment to sit down with his father and just be together with him with the simple metaphorical gift. Maybe this Christmas we can tend our relationships, we can slow down the business of life and focus on the love between family and friends.

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