Monday, December 2, 2013

[Advent Conspiracy] Week 1: Worship More

Consider this part one of four in my new Advent Conspiracy themed series.  What is Advent Conspiracy you ask? They are a counter-cultural movement which seeks to return the focus of christmas to the birth of Jesus and to relational time instead of consumerism. You can check out the website at but here is my version. They encourage you to put aside the meaningless, thoughtless and excessive gifting that goes on in this season. They encourage instead to focus that time on relationships with your family, your world and Jesus. It is not an extremist movement, they do not ask you to do away with modern christmas traditions and gifts, but just to change the focus. Check out the awesome teaser video below to get a great summery.

So this week is WORSHIP MORE week. One of the readings this week was the Magnificate or Song of Mary. We take this passage for granted, but some of the teaching this week has really caused me to rethink my perspective. This young woman has just been informed that while she has this amazing blessing her life is now literally in danger by tradition. But she chose instead to speak these words of blessing and jubilation. That is how we need to try to approach christmas. We are constantly bombarded by things that can cause negative feelings or stress at Christmas and it is so hard to push past them to focus our Christmas on it's true centre...worship.

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