Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What the Heck am I up to now?

So in my never ending quest to stay a WAHM I decided to take the leap into direct sales! I had to stop and think about what people might buy, and what I would like and could honestly sell. This unfortunately rules out a lot of "smelly" stuff as we don't really do candles etc around here and cosmetic companies which I wouldn't use myself.
A Mama, who I met through our mutual AppleCheeks love, (surprise, surprise) was a Steeped Tea consultant. I admired her products but the new holiday menu really sold me! I used to drink a lot of te, but somehow got away from it. Well that changed immediately when I got my first taste of the Steeped Tea products, yummy! seriously amazing! I know I know you are thinking, I am literally being paid to say that, but I really wouldn't if I didn't believe it!
Why now? Simple, Christmas! I am hoping that people will see what lovely gifts these will make. Look to the tea-lover in your life, you know they will drink it and enjoy it, rather than put it away and forget about it. It is healthier than the traditional meat and cheese or jam kind of basket and more sharable! Plus how can a name like  White chocolate soufflĂ©  Rooibos or Roasted Apricot Chai not make your mouth water?  Plus there are several easy order Holiday baskets all tied up and arranged for you. Of course there are simpler teas for the traditionalist and other baking mixes for a little variety.

So what's next? You can check me out at my website http://www.mysteepedtea.com/KT1003071/ where you can view the catalogues or make direct orders, Like my Facebook group to hear about any new specials or if you are local to book a party! I would love to hear from all of you!

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