Monday, November 4, 2013

Organized addiction!

So I think I referenced on here before the demise of my pretty pink laptop. Sadly her screen is dead and of no further use to me. However DH has made accommodations and I have been using his. I transfered a lot of stuff over, but sadly one of the things left behind was my AppleCheeks spreadsheet (created by another awesome ambassador mama) and I have missed it dearly!

You wouldn't think such a silly thing would bug me but it is honestly helpful and I swear kind of therapeutic. We all know very well the pleasure of adding a diaper to your stash, but somehow there is the additional pleasure of adding that number into the spreadsheet and seeing all your pretties listed together on one page. There is such a satisfaction in seeing the numbers auto add and the slow replacement of "0"'s with the long sought "1". Of course it will never compare to that moment you first open your fluff mail, but honestly how often do you manage to wrangle your whole stash into view at the same time? This way you can see it all at once!1

I have taken large liberties with the original template in extending the categories to better detail all the little accessories that I am now trying to collect (my extenders collection needs more than 1 line, I need details baby!) and the awesome formatting on the covers section was perfect for an expanded wetbag listing.

So in case I have made you interested, or you are just curious and you forgive the fact that I might be a little more than a smidge proud of my collection here it is:

If you want a more legible view you can view the file here:
My Current AppleCheeks stash

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