Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What is it going to be!!!!

Sooooo the amazing AppleCheeks month is coming to a close :( . Tonight's reveal is the last one for a little while. I must admit I am way more excited about this one than the last two, I have no good reason to be but I am. Maybe I have a psychic premonition of it's fabulousness! It is driving me nuts to see the package, even more than the others, I had to put it away (after I took one last picture!)

So far the hints I have heard are
-It is going to "go" with winging it
-It might just be Ilana's new "favorite"
-It is probably not girly ( I understand why, but I can still hope right!?)

I am also being a crazy lady and am all prepped for a stash shot as soon as it is open! I can't wait until it is released on the 21st so I can even out my stash! Having only one of a colour throws off the whole balance (also my sz1 EC is at my friends house :( so it will be absent)
Also this whole ABC shizz is killing me! Everytime I see a pic I get these giddy belly butterflies! I swear it must be mommy heaven over there, my life for a flight to Vegas lol.
Anyway this post has just been one big belch of excitedness but maybe if you are as excited as me you might have made it all the way to the end! And because you did I will reward you with a teaser pic:

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