Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sleepsacs/Spoil her with Aden & Anais

When she was really small Evie NEEDED to be swaddled to sleep. However she was a little Houdini! She broke every swaddle that a nurse put her in. We ended up using various Velcro swaddle sacs, if only we had known about swaddle blankets. She used to worm and worm and try to pull at her soother if she got her hands out (she didn't understand that once it came out it would be gone!) we use to have to hold her hands down in the swaddle to get her to calm down. Bedtime was a real fuss and ordeal for everyone involved, very unpleasant.

Thankfully we eventually transitioned her out of a swaddle and into a plain sleep sac. It seems that just about every association recommends a sleep sac these days over a blanket for safety reasons. Obviously we were not so strict about having blankets in bed, but I like the reassurance that she will always be covered no matter how much she moves.

 Last winter we had a really pretty polyester one that seemed to work well enough, but was nothing to get excited about. However recently Evie has been overheating in her fuzzy pyjamas (I don't blame her, I hate polyester too) so I knew we needed a new solution.

I had looked at the Aden & Anais sleep sac last winter, but an immediate need caused us to buy local instead of placing an order. The winter weight model (cozy slumber) is made with 4 layers of breathable muslin, so it will keep her warm without overheating. This year I planned ahead! I spied a sale in august and ordered. Since I was getting a good deal I also splurged and ordered her a dream blanket.

Now I am soooo jealous! I knew I wanted a Daydream for myself, but now I am sure, it is sooooooo soft and comfy. They say that Aden and Anais only gets softer as it is washed, but it is pretty amazing right out of the packaging too. Mommy may be stealing it from her when the opportunity arises!

If you are like me and have been bitten by the Aden &Anais bug, you can find them on their website or at  many baby stores.

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