Monday, October 28, 2013

My Girl Guides of Canada History

This weekend I had the honour of participating in Girl Guides of Canada ceremony and that has prompted me to go in a little different direction with today's post. Today it is all about me, my past and honestly, Evie'e future. I have been a member of Girl Guides of Canada for dozens of years and don't see an end to my membership.  This is more of a pictorial essay as it is difficult to recall specific memories from that far back. Evie has about 4 years before she can be officially registered, but she has already attended countless meetings and camp.

I joined GGC as a Brownie as soon as I could, when I was six. and though I remember very few specifics I do remember it was the "done" thing back then, as almost every girl in my class joined as well. We did all the typical things including camping and service and I earned badges by the dozen and filled the outside of my badge scarf completely on the outside and even had some sewn on the inside.

Then at nine I progressed to Guides. Again it is pretty fuzzy in my memory, but my experience continued as before with program material, camping, community service and fun. I had the honour of being first s circle seconder and then leader and as before earned a ridiculous amount of badges.

Pathfinders followed in suit. I easily remember a lot of the fun I had at Pathfinders. As a girl directed program it allowed us to plan some awesome events and generally plan some awesome stuff, while of course earning all the required badges. It was at the completion of the program that I was awarded my own Canada Cord over 10 years ago by the Lieutenant Governor.

As a Cadet I served with 3 different younger units so it was an easy transition to a leader when I was old enough. I have so far lead groups of Sparks, Brownies and am currently with a group of Pathfinders, and this is what lead me to the ceremony this weekend. I proudly got to take my first Pathfinder to receive her own Canada Cord. I thought I remembered little about the ceremony, but once we got there it all rushed back to me. It was so strange to be on the other side this time. I am looking forward to the next few years when I will hopefully be returning with other girls.

I am so excited to register Evie for Sparks in a few years, but until then she will have to remain a future member <3

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