Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Flashback: First foods

As some of my real life friends have babies approaching the six month mark, I am reminded of our own introduction to food. I am have done a layman's amount of research, and there are some seriously different opinions out there! As usual I lean towards a more natural opinion but am definitely not an extremest, so here is our story laced with one woman's opinion.
Evie was breastfeed exclusively until 6 months and was then fed whole foods. I have a strong opinion about the uselessness of rice cereal, but it was long ago that I did my research, so I cannot directly quote, but this is the gist: Our culture is rife with people craving sweets and refined carbs (guilty!), and it seems logical that we would be drawn in later life to that which we first tasted. Refined carbs are essentially empty calories and provide no great amount of nutrition for babies or ourselves. We chose to feed her superfoods instead. Her first foods were avocado which is rich in vitamins and "good" fat and sweet potatoes which are also vitamin rich, she loves both of them still. She then progressed to eating fruits, vegetables, meats, and yes carbs in balance.

Thankfully however her days of purees were short lived. We used what I affectionately called "baby-led weaning light",  basically she was spoonfed a portion of something before dinner and was then offered pieces of whatever we were eating to amuse herself while we ate. Very quickly she wanted nothing to do with the purees and fancied herself grown-up enough to eat whatever we were having. Honestly it was a great relief, no more babybullet!

Our only setback came when we introduced dairy. We eventually determined that she was most likely intolerant of the cows milk proteins. The defining clue between this and a lactose intolerance, was that she tolerates breast milk well. Apparently there is are different proteins and different levels of proteins in cow vs human milk. Happily though, at 20 months she is now able to tolerate well milk products, it was as the Doctors suggested, a temporary problem.

Overall I thought we had a great first foods experience and would do it exactly the same the next time! Now just for fun a flashback picture to messy Evie enjoying her first meal of sweet potatoes.

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