Monday, December 30, 2013

The evolution of the fit of an AppleCheeks diapers

One of the most common questions asked by AppleCheeks newbies is "How would they fit my child of "x" weight?" or "what size would my child need?". In general I feel the size descriptions hold pretty true to their claims. Size 1 fits from 7 (or even fewer) pounds until 20, and sz 2 from 20 to potty-learning. There is however a strange transition point for many children at about 13 lbs, many unmobile babies develop some serious thunder thighs at this point, but they slim down again once they are mobile. But fortunately AppleCheeks comes to the rescue again, and this is the perfect time to use extenders to achieve a perfect fit.
So now without any further ado, a picture says a thousand words!

Many people ask about the fit on a newborn. Evie was about 7 lbs even in this picture and 5 days old. Her diaper is stuffed with a 3 ply bamboo insert trifolded. That disposable diaper lurking in the corner was the last one she ever wore!

Here she is at 1 month old. Notice we have moved out one hip snap but have retained the same waist snap as it moves further down the belly.

At 4 months old, she is chunking up a bit and we have moved the leg and waist snaps out.

This picture was taken when she was 6 months old. This was in fact the last day we used a sz 1 on her for awhile. She had entered that tricky thunder thigh category where we ran out of hip snaps!

One month later here she is using extenders to get an optimal fit. Her legs were too round for the hip snaps of a sz 1, but sz 2 would have been too big on the rise and the waist...

…like so. Here she is at 8 months old in a sz 2 for the first time. It was too "big" on her, but was in fact effective, leakproof and functional. However as you can see, she was just starting to get around and her thighs were beginning to thin out
 By the time she was 1 year old, the size 1s were the best fit on her again. 
We could also use sz 2s, but remember to pull those wings waaaaaaay up!
At 18 months she was holding steady in sz limbo. Both sz 1 and sz 2 provided a good reliable fit.

 Now finally at 21 months and about 23 lbs, we have finally said good bye to our sz 1 diapers and are in sz 2s full time.

Obviously Evie is a pretty slim child, and your child will most likely not follow the same pattern. I hope this gives you a good reference for the way AppleCheeks diapers can be tweaked to fit any child at any stage of their development. Please feel free to ask me or even AppleCheeks headquarters if you have ANY fit issues as everyone is always super willing to help out another Mama.

-By Erin Smith

Friday, December 27, 2013

Evie's first birthday party

So as I dip my feet into the planning of her second birthday party, I realize that I never shared her first birthday party with you. We did a Minnie Mouse theme and I was very proud of myself for DIY the majority of the stuff. So here you go!

Here is her cake made by me with rolled marshmallow fondant and buttercream

 Here are the Minnie Mouse cupcakes and chocolate bars in the printed wrappers.

If you look closely you can see the three food tables are arranged into a Minnie head.

A close-up of the chandelier made of balloons, tissue paper flowers and Chinese lanterns.

Her printed banner over the present table

 Her highchair/picture area. In the background are the party hats with take-home hair bows attached.

A closer picture of her highchair skirt. It says "I am 1"

There is the birthday girl herself! Looking sweet in her Minnie dress, but she wouldn't leave the ears on!

Her smash cake (Banana bread in an attempt to get her to eat it. I didn't work, she just picked off the strawberries)

Cake smash photo op! You can kind of see our custom Mom/Dad of the birthday girl shirts.

Well I hope you enjoyed the quick trip down memory lane, and I maybe I have inspired you in the planning of your own!

-By Erin Smith

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Meditations on a forthcoming second christmas

In exactly one week we will be celebrating Evie's second Christmas and am super excited! She is such a little girl this year, and I really hope she will "get" the occasion. Last year she was so little and was generally oblivious the whole time, she opened a couple presents but mostly just hung out.  This year her new curiosity and the Sofia paper, will work together for a snowstorm of paper I am sure.

It feels kind of like a transition year. Last year she was a baby and next year she will be a child but this year she is kind of caught in the middle. Sometimes I look at her and wonder how she got to be so big and smart, but other times, like when we are rocking, she is still completely my baby.

As much as we try, it is obviously difficult to teach her about Christmas. She has heard the story, attended Sunday school and played with her nativity plenty, but I know she doesn't "get" it. I am looking forward to next year when she might being to understand and talk about it. I know if we tried we could probably get a word and recognition of Santa, but we have decided to downplay that aspect of Christmas in our house. So far attempts to get her to say "Merry Christmas" have only been met with scrunchy smiles.

Unlike us, I know she is feeling no anticipation of the holiday but I am so looking forward to her reactions on the day. On Christmas Eve we will head to church where she can see her friends and be oooo'ed over by the seniors. Then we will head to my In-laws for the big party. She is such a social butterfly I know she will be wound up just by the people and the attention even before she sees her other favorite thing, food!

Christmas morning is going to be very different this year, our normal schedule has been completely thrown out. All of her Grandparents are going to come here to see her open her presents and to eat breakfast. I really hope she is not going to be overwhelmed with presents, we really tried to hold ourselves back ( and were moderately successful) but I am sure our presents will only account for one third of the total! But we decided that as long as it takes her to open them,  that is how long it takes. We will not be pushing or rushing her, if she wants to stop and play or eat or just cuddle that is fine.
However I hope she doesn't take too long! I think we are pushing the lunch/dinner at my parents house ahead this year, so I would not want to  run into that. That evening we are probably trying something new. Our Church is hosting a dinner uptown for people who have nowhere else to go for Christmas. I admit I am a little nervous to go so far out of my comfort zone, but I think I need to man up and do it, and we will all be better for it!

Anyway all that ramble is to say that I am super excited to share this Christmas with Evie. It is so exciting to see how her reactions to the holiday change every year  and to finally have a child around for Christmas again, since let;s face it, children really do make the season.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Advent Conspiracy week 3: Give more.

This weeks topic is so closely related to last weeks that it was difficult to speak about only one. Last week we talked about the "spend less" concept and the rejection of consumerism. This week is the solution to that problem, while seemingly like a complete opposite statement!

The answer that we are being asked to give more "quality' in our gifts. AC has never been about shunning the tradititon of gift giving, but rather re-considering it. We are asked to ponder deeply the message and feeling behind our gifts. Find soemthign that a person will use and appreciatef or years to come and never end up as "stuff".

A simple way to combine these two presents is with homemade gifts. What skills do you have that you could turn into some meaningful gifts without feeding the christmas consumerism monster? Perhaps some consumables? Have you ever seen christmas baking go to waste? Just no fruitcake ;)

Another combination of the prinicples would be a charity gift. When we send commerically we contribute only to the profits of large companies and the reiciculous finiancial divisions in the world. We could choose instead to contribute to charity in the givers name. There are several companes who offer catalogues of tangible gifts for the occasion, a goat or misquito netting, or school supplies bless both the giver and the giftee.

The utimate answer to the question is of course to give presence instead of presents. The famous example is of a  grown son who gives his father a bag of coffee beans, but they came with a condition, the coffee could only been brewed when they were together. The son made a commitment to sit down with his father and just be together with him with the simple metaphorical gift. Maybe this Christmas we can tend our relationships, we can slow down the business of life and focus on the love between family and friends.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Amber necklace giveaway partner.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Why I Dislike The Elf on the Shelf

Many of my Instagram followers may know I have been running a series of satirical pictures at #acherontheabusedelf , but my satire is based on some real opinions

The first reason I dislike TEOTS is that I dislike that it perpetuates the Christmas guilt trip of "Be good Santa is watching". I would rather teach my children to behave appropriately all twelve months of the year, instead of letting Santa do the work for me for 2 months a year. I will teach them they should behave because they are responsible members of society, not because they fear the judgement of Santa.

I also dislike the simple concept that we should be good so we can get gifts. This elf is going to report to Santa how may presents we deserve? No, that is definitely not a message for us. We get gifts not because we deserve them in any way, we get gifts because the giver chooses to give them to us because the love us and wish to give us a gift. We are not entitled to gifts, and no one is obligated to give one to us, no matter how "good" we have been.

However, that being said, this poor little guy is just a blunt instrument to the literature included with it. I have seen some Moms follow the trend without any of the negative connotations and hats off them and their creativity. In have also seen some reference to a "Good deed elf" which could be an interesting concept to investigate.

Why Elf on the Shelf is not for us

Many of my Instagram followers may know I have been running a series of satirical pictures at #acherontheabusedelf , but my satire is based on some real opinions

My dislike harkens back to the ago old, much repeated "naughty or nice list" concept. I do not care to continue the message that our behaviour should be moderated by our personal greed.  I see no merit in a tiny magical figure leaving notes explaining how children are now being punished for their misdeeds by this figurehead, is that going to promote a lasting behaviour change or just a temporary frustration?  I would rather teach my children about correct behaviour consistently all months of the year, regardless of whether "Santa" or his minion are watching and reprimanding them.

It also does not mesh with our families approach to gifting in general. Gifting is an action of love not a return for our behaviours. We get gifts not because we deserve them in any way, we get gifts because the giver chooses to give them to us because the love us and wish to give us a gift. We are not entitled to gifts, and no one is obligated to give one to us, no matter how "good" we have been. The threatened removal of the anticipated gift is not a useful tool for behaviour modification for us.

However, that being said, this poor little guy is just a blunt instrument to the included literature. I have seen some Moms follow the trend without any of the negative connotations and hats off them and their creativity. If the focus is set on the fun and anticipation of the coming holiday it could be a fun family activity, if you can avoid the included messages.

Advent Conspiracy week 2: Spend Less

For a quick summary of Advent Conspiracy please check out my previous post Advent Conspiracy week 1 Worship More

This week's topic is simply spend less. It focuses in on the disturbing trend of the over-commercialization of Christmas.  We always celebrated our Christmas in a Christ-centered way, but I didn't realize I still wasn't getting it! "Keep Christ in Christmas" is insufficient. It has now become a battle to keep over-consumption out of Christmas. I am appalled at the Christmas marketing now that I look at through fresh-eyes, consumerism is poisoning Christmas and us!

Here comes the guilt trip: If you watched the teaser video you were probably as shocked as I was at the sheer numbers of North American greed. To paraphrase: Americans (sorry I am not sure of the Canadian stats) spend $450 million on Christmas this year, but by contrast we could solve world water issues with $20 million. Yes that is about 0.05%. I don't know about you but that makes me feel terribly guilty. We throw all this money into stuff, of which it would only take a infinitesimal portion to save innumerable lives. Why do we need all this stuff! Why do we need so much in general?

The Advent Conspiracy - Spend Less / Give More from Timmy Allen on Vimeo.

Have you ever opened up your mountain of gifts on Christmas morning and then felt that persistent emptiness? Sure it felt nice for a minute, but the glow of stuff probably didn't even make it to the end of the day. Consumer culture tells us that stuff satisfies, have the most and you win! But it is dead wrong! He who has the most stuff should feel guilty! Stuff provides no meaning and only encourages us to think about ourselves and how to better serve ourselves. We instead need to look inward and upward to find that fulfilment that we will never find in any corporal object.

Christmas pleasure can be found in family, friends quality time and most importantly Christ. We do not need excesses of gifts to create pleasure this season. However,  I am not a Christmas scrooge. Presents are a part of Christmas. However let's consider a change in how we gift. Gift should have meaning and be special to the recipient. How do you feel when you get a Walmart gift card for a gift? Special, Considered? No, I doubt it, more like generic, and wondering if they know you at all. Instead of this hyper-consumerism and excess, let's aim this year to give fewer, but more special gifts. Consider the person, not the obligation when you check them off your list. Find that one gift for each person which really says "I Love you for you".

Monday, December 2, 2013

[Advent Conspiracy] Week 1: Worship More

Consider this part one of four in my new Advent Conspiracy themed series.  What is Advent Conspiracy you ask? They are a counter-cultural movement which seeks to return the focus of christmas to the birth of Jesus and to relational time instead of consumerism. You can check out the website at but here is my version. They encourage you to put aside the meaningless, thoughtless and excessive gifting that goes on in this season. They encourage instead to focus that time on relationships with your family, your world and Jesus. It is not an extremist movement, they do not ask you to do away with modern christmas traditions and gifts, but just to change the focus. Check out the awesome teaser video below to get a great summery.

So this week is WORSHIP MORE week. One of the readings this week was the Magnificate or Song of Mary. We take this passage for granted, but some of the teaching this week has really caused me to rethink my perspective. This young woman has just been informed that while she has this amazing blessing her life is now literally in danger by tradition. But she chose instead to speak these words of blessing and jubilation. That is how we need to try to approach christmas. We are constantly bombarded by things that can cause negative feelings or stress at Christmas and it is so hard to push past them to focus our Christmas on it's true centre...worship.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The JOY of 300 likes

So I think it is more than clear that one of the greatest JOYs of my life is AppleCheeks. I love the company, the owners, the employees, my fellow ambassadors and all the incredible friends. Another great JOY is my blog and my followers/likers, and since there are 300 of you, it is time to give back!

YaYaBaby has awesomely sponsored a giveaway for you fabulous people of AppleCheeks special holiday release JOY. It is super cute, and a big change from any of the special diapers the have done before, but rest assured it is still an amazing quality AppleCheeks diaper. Reliable, Daddy friendly, and amazing as always. I must admit I am in love with the custom wintery-tag, I just love looking at it!
Check out the ridiculously wonderful antics of Amy Clause and Ilana Elf (with a little cameo by moi) in the silly-tastic release video

and of course Evie volunteered to break in her new diaper for a festive photoshoot!

Can't wait for the giveaway to end? You can buy one from Yayababy here. Yaya Baby is a retail and online store based out of North Vancouver (67 Lonsdale) and ships all over Canada. Owned by a mom of two, Janelle is the Super Picky Mom and carries only her very favourite Picky Mom Approved Essentials. AppleCheeks are definitely Picky Mom Approved! Stop by to see what else gets their Official Yaya Baby Stamp of Approval!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Guest blog on

Hello all,

I'm a cloth diaper addict. we all know this. But are you? Head over to   to check out which stage you have reached in your addction! This is hopefully my first of many guest blogs for the great site. While you are over there you can check out some reviews for your favorite stores and check out come other great blogs by some great authors. Cheers!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Day in the life of a SAHM

So I know we all know "that" person, they are constantly wondering what a SAHM does in a day. We just sit around and eat bon-bons all day. Although I know all of my lovely readers know far better than that, this was a fun project anyway. So, here it is my day hour by hour:

P.S. today at lunch you may have noticed something seemingly out of place. Our attempted clean (ish) eating seems at odds with the Mac'n'cheese. Not so, this is our first time trying Annie's Mac'n'cheese, it is comparable with the mystery ingredients version in taste and texture, but is made with organic and pronounceable ingredients. Evie already goes through Annie's organic bunnies like the are going out of style, so it was an easy choice to try, and I think we will definitely be buying it again.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What the Heck am I up to now?

So in my never ending quest to stay a WAHM I decided to take the leap into direct sales! I had to stop and think about what people might buy, and what I would like and could honestly sell. This unfortunately rules out a lot of "smelly" stuff as we don't really do candles etc around here and cosmetic companies which I wouldn't use myself.
A Mama, who I met through our mutual AppleCheeks love, (surprise, surprise) was a Steeped Tea consultant. I admired her products but the new holiday menu really sold me! I used to drink a lot of te, but somehow got away from it. Well that changed immediately when I got my first taste of the Steeped Tea products, yummy! seriously amazing! I know I know you are thinking, I am literally being paid to say that, but I really wouldn't if I didn't believe it!
Why now? Simple, Christmas! I am hoping that people will see what lovely gifts these will make. Look to the tea-lover in your life, you know they will drink it and enjoy it, rather than put it away and forget about it. It is healthier than the traditional meat and cheese or jam kind of basket and more sharable! Plus how can a name like  White chocolate soufflĂ©  Rooibos or Roasted Apricot Chai not make your mouth water?  Plus there are several easy order Holiday baskets all tied up and arranged for you. Of course there are simpler teas for the traditionalist and other baking mixes for a little variety.

So what's next? You can check me out at my website where you can view the catalogues or make direct orders, Like my Facebook group to hear about any new specials or if you are local to book a party! I would love to hear from all of you!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Organized addiction!

So I think I referenced on here before the demise of my pretty pink laptop. Sadly her screen is dead and of no further use to me. However DH has made accommodations and I have been using his. I transfered a lot of stuff over, but sadly one of the things left behind was my AppleCheeks spreadsheet (created by another awesome ambassador mama) and I have missed it dearly!

You wouldn't think such a silly thing would bug me but it is honestly helpful and I swear kind of therapeutic. We all know very well the pleasure of adding a diaper to your stash, but somehow there is the additional pleasure of adding that number into the spreadsheet and seeing all your pretties listed together on one page. There is such a satisfaction in seeing the numbers auto add and the slow replacement of "0"'s with the long sought "1". Of course it will never compare to that moment you first open your fluff mail, but honestly how often do you manage to wrangle your whole stash into view at the same time? This way you can see it all at once!1

I have taken large liberties with the original template in extending the categories to better detail all the little accessories that I am now trying to collect (my extenders collection needs more than 1 line, I need details baby!) and the awesome formatting on the covers section was perfect for an expanded wetbag listing.

So in case I have made you interested, or you are just curious and you forgive the fact that I might be a little more than a smidge proud of my collection here it is:

If you want a more legible view you can view the file here:
My Current AppleCheeks stash

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

...and the winner is!

Amber Rickey!

Everyone please stay tuned for some future giveaways from AppleCheeks and some other fabulous companies. Thanks so much to everyone who entered and for liking my page, please share with your friends so I can get some more interest and get some more swag for you guys. Love you all <3

Monday, October 28, 2013

My Girl Guides of Canada History

This weekend I had the honour of participating in Girl Guides of Canada ceremony and that has prompted me to go in a little different direction with today's post. Today it is all about me, my past and honestly, Evie'e future. I have been a member of Girl Guides of Canada for dozens of years and don't see an end to my membership.  This is more of a pictorial essay as it is difficult to recall specific memories from that far back. Evie has about 4 years before she can be officially registered, but she has already attended countless meetings and camp.

I joined GGC as a Brownie as soon as I could, when I was six. and though I remember very few specifics I do remember it was the "done" thing back then, as almost every girl in my class joined as well. We did all the typical things including camping and service and I earned badges by the dozen and filled the outside of my badge scarf completely on the outside and even had some sewn on the inside.

Then at nine I progressed to Guides. Again it is pretty fuzzy in my memory, but my experience continued as before with program material, camping, community service and fun. I had the honour of being first s circle seconder and then leader and as before earned a ridiculous amount of badges.

Pathfinders followed in suit. I easily remember a lot of the fun I had at Pathfinders. As a girl directed program it allowed us to plan some awesome events and generally plan some awesome stuff, while of course earning all the required badges. It was at the completion of the program that I was awarded my own Canada Cord over 10 years ago by the Lieutenant Governor.

As a Cadet I served with 3 different younger units so it was an easy transition to a leader when I was old enough. I have so far lead groups of Sparks, Brownies and am currently with a group of Pathfinders, and this is what lead me to the ceremony this weekend. I proudly got to take my first Pathfinder to receive her own Canada Cord. I thought I remembered little about the ceremony, but once we got there it all rushed back to me. It was so strange to be on the other side this time. I am looking forward to the next few years when I will hopefully be returning with other girls.

I am so excited to register Evie for Sparks in a few years, but until then she will have to remain a future member <3

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sleepsacs/Spoil her with Aden & Anais

When she was really small Evie NEEDED to be swaddled to sleep. However she was a little Houdini! She broke every swaddle that a nurse put her in. We ended up using various Velcro swaddle sacs, if only we had known about swaddle blankets. She used to worm and worm and try to pull at her soother if she got her hands out (she didn't understand that once it came out it would be gone!) we use to have to hold her hands down in the swaddle to get her to calm down. Bedtime was a real fuss and ordeal for everyone involved, very unpleasant.

Thankfully we eventually transitioned her out of a swaddle and into a plain sleep sac. It seems that just about every association recommends a sleep sac these days over a blanket for safety reasons. Obviously we were not so strict about having blankets in bed, but I like the reassurance that she will always be covered no matter how much she moves.

 Last winter we had a really pretty polyester one that seemed to work well enough, but was nothing to get excited about. However recently Evie has been overheating in her fuzzy pyjamas (I don't blame her, I hate polyester too) so I knew we needed a new solution.

I had looked at the Aden & Anais sleep sac last winter, but an immediate need caused us to buy local instead of placing an order. The winter weight model (cozy slumber) is made with 4 layers of breathable muslin, so it will keep her warm without overheating. This year I planned ahead! I spied a sale in august and ordered. Since I was getting a good deal I also splurged and ordered her a dream blanket.

Now I am soooo jealous! I knew I wanted a Daydream for myself, but now I am sure, it is sooooooo soft and comfy. They say that Aden and Anais only gets softer as it is washed, but it is pretty amazing right out of the packaging too. Mommy may be stealing it from her when the opportunity arises!

If you are like me and have been bitten by the Aden &Anais bug, you can find them on their website or at  many baby stores.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Flashback: First foods

As some of my real life friends have babies approaching the six month mark, I am reminded of our own introduction to food. I am have done a layman's amount of research, and there are some seriously different opinions out there! As usual I lean towards a more natural opinion but am definitely not an extremest, so here is our story laced with one woman's opinion.
Evie was breastfeed exclusively until 6 months and was then fed whole foods. I have a strong opinion about the uselessness of rice cereal, but it was long ago that I did my research, so I cannot directly quote, but this is the gist: Our culture is rife with people craving sweets and refined carbs (guilty!), and it seems logical that we would be drawn in later life to that which we first tasted. Refined carbs are essentially empty calories and provide no great amount of nutrition for babies or ourselves. We chose to feed her superfoods instead. Her first foods were avocado which is rich in vitamins and "good" fat and sweet potatoes which are also vitamin rich, she loves both of them still. She then progressed to eating fruits, vegetables, meats, and yes carbs in balance.

Thankfully however her days of purees were short lived. We used what I affectionately called "baby-led weaning light",  basically she was spoonfed a portion of something before dinner and was then offered pieces of whatever we were eating to amuse herself while we ate. Very quickly she wanted nothing to do with the purees and fancied herself grown-up enough to eat whatever we were having. Honestly it was a great relief, no more babybullet!

Our only setback came when we introduced dairy. We eventually determined that she was most likely intolerant of the cows milk proteins. The defining clue between this and a lactose intolerance, was that she tolerates breast milk well. Apparently there is are different proteins and different levels of proteins in cow vs human milk. Happily though, at 20 months she is now able to tolerate well milk products, it was as the Doctors suggested, a temporary problem.

Overall I thought we had a great first foods experience and would do it exactly the same the next time! Now just for fun a flashback picture to messy Evie enjoying her first meal of sweet potatoes.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Evie 12-18

Every 6 months I try to make a photo book for Evie. I am a self proclaimed Shutterfly master at this point. They of course offer the drop and go style auto placement book, but that is not my style! I love to twiddle and fix and change everything to my taste and the customize option allows you to literally do anything with your book!
My number one tip is to follow them on Facebook, almost everyday they post a short term coupon code, and it is usually a great deal. I usually make up my books ahead of time so I can pounce on the deals.
Anyway, please enjoy a photo journey through the first half of her second year!

Shutterfly offers exclusive layouts and designs so you can make your book just the way you want.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What is it going to be!!!!

Sooooo the amazing AppleCheeks month is coming to a close :( . Tonight's reveal is the last one for a little while. I must admit I am way more excited about this one than the last two, I have no good reason to be but I am. Maybe I have a psychic premonition of it's fabulousness! It is driving me nuts to see the package, even more than the others, I had to put it away (after I took one last picture!)

So far the hints I have heard are
-It is going to "go" with winging it
-It might just be Ilana's new "favorite"
-It is probably not girly ( I understand why, but I can still hope right!?)

I am also being a crazy lady and am all prepped for a stash shot as soon as it is open! I can't wait until it is released on the 21st so I can even out my stash! Having only one of a colour throws off the whole balance (also my sz1 EC is at my friends house :( so it will be absent)
Also this whole ABC shizz is killing me! Everytime I see a pic I get these giddy belly butterflies! I swear it must be mommy heaven over there, my life for a flight to Vegas lol.
Anyway this post has just been one big belch of excitedness but maybe if you are as excited as me you might have made it all the way to the end! And because you did I will reward you with a teaser pic:

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


As I am sure you know my favorite brand ever is AppleCheeks. Well now it is time to make it your favorite too! One of the most universally useful products they make is the all-purpose storage sac. Small enough to fit almost anywhere, you can use them for a million different uses. My personally favorite use is to organize my diaper bag, 4 different colour bags fit nicely in the 4 pockets and lets me find everything in a moments notice.

However there are a ton of other uses:

-they fit a single AppleCheeks diaper nicely


-wipes and spray carrier

-take-along toy carrier

-extra clothes

So if you think you might have ever need a something to organize any of these things, you should enter my giveaway! This is for one al-purpose storage sac in a surprise colour:

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