Friday, August 10, 2012

Ahhh summer! Vacations and weddings galore

Yes I realize it has been, married gasp, almost a month since I last posted. Sigh.  It is summer,and we have been super busy!  In the last month two of Evie's Godparents have gotten married ( not to each other :P) and we have been on vacation.  In fact we are leaving on vacation again in a couple days, so this will be the only post this week, le sigh. 

First things first.  Evie went on her first vacation this month.  We freeloaded on my parents vacation to Cassie Cape. My parents have been going there since I was a tiny baby, and they were so looking forward to reliving the experience.  Both of my parents were googoo to have permanent Evie time for 4 days.  We took Evie to the beach ( real beach) for the first time.  We had a ball swimming but Evie was not quite sure about it.  I think she liked the water alright but was not so sure about the sand underneath her.  But somehow, even though I kept her out of the sun, with a hat, under an umbrella, pretty much the whole time, she managed to get a bit of a burn on her cheeks.  Now I am paranoid I have ruined her skin for life! We also did a little shopping in Moncton and she got a chance to hang out with her Uncle Andrew, who we do not see enough. Overall it was a great little vacation and everyone had a good time.  Even the earwigs, ew!

Next up was Evie's Godfather's wedding.  Daddy was in the wedding party so we had quite a busy day. Overall Evie was fabulously behaved.  She did not make a peep during the service and took a couple catnaps during the (three hours of) pictures.  She was the hit of the reception and everyone kept going on about how sweet she was.  But apparently she used up all her good at once and was very upset while Grammy and Grampy babysat her during the dance. Overall a great first wedding for Evie.

The next weekend was Evie's Godmother's wedding.  Evie didn't get to go because both Mommy and Daddy were in the party.  But apparently she had a much better babysitting experience this time.  She dark a couple bottles and only screamed her average amount.  She even endured 8 hours without Mommy ( and possibly even more traumatizing, Mommy endured 8 hours without her.)

Well, see you all next week as we are off on our long-awaited trip to ( exotic :p) Cape Breton!

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