Friday, July 6, 2012

Where have we been?

Oh I have a good excuse, two in fact: the 4-month-wakeful period and teething, all at once!

For the last couple weeks Evie has given up eating and sleeping!  She has cut herself down to maybe 2 or 3 naps a day, often very short.  She has also started rousing at 7 or 8 after only going to bed at 1.  And of course she has started eating several times a night again.  Which overall means we are "in bed" for about 9 hours a night, but I usually only get 6 hours of sleep. What, where was I? Sorry I just nodded off for a minute :)  Also she has started a nursing strike. She will eat for a minute or two and the start to push off and cry.  She is only eating about half as much as she used to.  While she is eating more at night, I kind of have to remind her during the day. The only bonus, is we are able to go out without her crying to be fed ( don't worry I don't let her go too long, too often).

To add the frosting to the cupcake, Evie is also teething.  She has been aggressively teething for at least a week now, but no tooth yet.  There is a definite swelling behind gums, which is moving up, but still no sign of it on the top of the gum line.  We put on her amber necklace, but I really don't know if it is helping.  Unfortunately the only thing that helps is Advil.  Without the meds she is one fussy, unsatisfied little girl;especially in the evening.

Oh my! Here's to the end of the tunnel! There's a light down there somewhere right?
Oh and Happy Canada Day!

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