Friday, July 13, 2012

We all love our AC's

Usually when we get fluff mail it is for Evie.  But today it was my turn.  A few weeks back I bid and won on Applecheeks Free the Children Charity auction.  I must admit I was twiddling my fingers just waiting for my little bit of the Applecheeks action.  I was worried it would not fit, as some of people had described the sizes as being more "teen" than "adult" but it fits perfectly! I wore it out to the grocery store today, but unfortunately it was pretty much covered by my babywrap.  I can't wait for the conversations it is going to bring up.  I hope other loving Mom's will stop and talk ( I am finding out more and more people I already know are already using ACs), or other Mom's will stop to ask questions. And now for the Obligatory photo shoot!

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