Friday, July 6, 2012

Evie goes swimming

It is summer! Time to get our little frog into the water!  First we took her kiddie pool over to Grammy and Grampy's house.  Grampy filled it with warm water, so she thought it was an outdoor bath! She wiggled and splashed like crazy.

A couple days later we decided to go swimming for real.  We went into the water with Grammy as soon as we got there.  Evie was suspicious of the water, she fussed when her feet first went into the water and wouldn't lay down.  She wanted out of the water pretty quickly, and then crashed for a nap.  Once Daddy arrived we tried going in again, but she didn't like it at all this time.  It was too cold!

We are heading up to Shediac in a couple weeks, so hopefully Evie Will take to the warmer water as much as I think she will.

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