Thursday, May 17, 2012

We love to Swaddle

   I read somewhere that you should consider unswaddling at three month. Yeah right! Evie sleeps terribly even if she is poorly swaddled.  This little one needs her arms strapped to her sides like she in a straitjacket.  We have been using a Halo Swaddler Sleepsack size Newborn, but somebody has been growing.  I remember when we brought her home she was too little for it, it seemed so long.  But now it is too short.  Fortunately it zips from the top, so her little feet have been hanging out of the bottom for the past week.  I set myself to finding her a new one, but size small was very difficult to find.  I called all around and even went on a few websites with no luck.  What I could find were simply plain pink.  On a whim I went into Sears and lo and behold it was like a shrine to swaddlers.  In no time we had a sweet little blue bird and flower swaddle.  When I got home I did a size comparison, there must be almost 6 inches in extra length.  I think it is going to fit her for awhile :).  But of course as soon as we tried it on her, she christened it by spitting up all over it! 
See my tootsies were hanging out!

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