Thursday, May 10, 2012

OMG where did the time go!

Perhaps not surprisingly the first (almost) three months with Evie have flown by!  She will be 12 weeks on Sunday and is a completely different baby than she once was.  Once our Jaunice honeymoon phase was all over the real Evie came out!

     We went through a pretty rough period of day/night confusion which almost drove us to drink (well maybe drink for Daddy, none for me).  But she sorted that out over a month ago and now is a pretty good sleeper.  She regularly goes to bed at 1am ( I swear the kid can read clocks!) and then sleeps through until the morning.  After I feed her we usually get a few more hours, another feeding and wow! its noon! ( P.S. Don't tell Daddy, he is still a little sleep deprived).  The last week or so she has had a bit of regression, and now often wakes up once in the night to be feed.  The other night she went to bed at 2:30 and woke up twice, I was just about to go off my rocker, when at 6:30 Daddy took her for awhile to try to wear her out! Good news it worked!

    As far as breastfeeding after a slow uphill battle lasting a few weeks, she is feeding like a champ.  Actually she has had a bit of a reversal, and now has issues about taking a bottle.  She seems to only take a bottle from Daddy before she even realizes that she is hungry.  She has been refusing to take it from my Mom or Mother-in-law when they babysit.
   Evie's newest hang-up is an obsession with abandonment.  We cannot leave the room, or she starts to whimper like a little puppy.  It must be the whole object permanence thing, Mommy and Daddy are never coming back! waaaahhhh!  This has become most obvious in the car.  I must sit in back with her or she screams and hold her breath.  When I sit in back she is completely content and looks around happily.

   That brings me to the NICU nurse's prediction.  Once upon a time when she was just a few days old, The head NICU nurse told us "I have not seen a temper like that in years".  Well turns out she was right.  This baby has such a temper.  If you do not respond to her need in 12 seconds flat she will flip off the handle.  She regularly turns into "red hulk" when she is tired.  Almost every nap or sleep is begun with a full out tantrum, because she is simply too tired to go to sleep.

   Overall we have had such a wonderful three months and I am completely in love with being a mommy.  Now that she ( occasionally) lets me put her down, hopefully I can come back to this blog and keep Evie's "public" updated with all he little things.

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