Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy First Mothers Day to Me!!

My Baby Girl has to love me more today! :P

But seriously today was kind of just a nice sunday with a present. Hubby and Evie made me breakfast in bed.  Jason made me heart shaped pancakes, and Evie stayed asleep.  We ate breakfast in bed and Evie "gave" me my present.  We spent the rest of the day with my family.  We started out at my parents for lunch (like every sunday) and then tagged along to my Grandmothers.  Then we ended up at my Uncle and Aunts house where we saw another Aunt, a cousin and another Uncle.  It was nice to see everyone and a little surprise.  My aunt and uncle had never met Evie, so everyone was glad to see her.

Evie decided to celebrate Mother's Day by not letting anyone but Mommy hold her.  She actually started last night, but close enough.  She won't let even my parents hold her, and usually no problem.  If someone else takes her she starts a little sad cry that sounds like someone stole her puppy.  She will sit on my lap and interact with people, but she needs full contaxt with me.  Weird stage.

Someone was reminiscing about their last Mothers Day, and that made me think about mine.  Last Mothers Day I was hoping and praying I was pregnant, I was hoping I was secretly one of those special people.  But I wasn't.  Apparently I just needed to be a little more patient because.. last may 13th was my LMP date.  It seems crazy to me to think that it has been a full year since she made her last visit.  Yup, I love nursing for so many reasons.  I guess in two weeks we get to celebrate Evie's unofficial 1st birthday!

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