Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Evie's Royal Visit

Yesterday Prince Charles and Camilla came to visit our city.  Evie was very excited because she thought she was going to meet another princess, may be they could be friends! Unfortunately I had to explain to her the difference between a princess and a prince's wife, but we decided to go anyway.  Evie enjoyed being pushed (after all she is a princess) all the way uptown.  We found a nice little spot beside the media stage and settled in .  Evie took advantage of the downtime and took a nap.  She awoke just in time to meet her royal visitors, but unfortunately she was in a bad mood because she was hungry.  Camilla stopped and spoke to Evie as she was walking by, but Evie was too distracted to pay much attention.  After all the excitement we went to the restaurant and we all has lunch.  Evie even got breastfed in public ( though we were hiding in a back booth and under a nursing cover.  After all the excitement it was time to head back to the royal abode so Mommy and Daddy could collapse with exhaustion.  Unfortunately it seems we spent all day trying to keep Evie out of the sun, but forgot about everything else.  Both Mommy and Daddy got some pretty intense and funnily placed sunburns.  Daddy burnt his nose and arms, and mommy burned her chest (in a perfect circle) and one arm.  Ooops

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