Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Evie goes to camp and has her first cold

Well we hit a milestone this week, Evie got a cold.  It started on wednesday with a cough, and on thursday we added congestion to the mix.  When she started chocking on her mucus it kind of broke my heart.  I thought she was feeling alot better until she woke up on saturday with tons of mucus in her eye. They were completely glued shut. One of my friends, a nurse, looked at her and suggested we should take her to the Doctor :(.  On sunday night I remembered that I read several places that breastmilk is an effective treatment for infants with eye issues.  I expressed a little mlk and poured it in.  Lo and behold on monday there was almost no gunk left.  Isn't breastmilk wonderful!

This weekend Evie also went to camp.  Every year our church holds a family camp and it is always a blast.  Fridat night was pretty low-key and Evie had no problem hanging out in her wrap most of the evening.  Saturday was soo hot and the temperature did seem to bother her,  To top it off she seems to hate wearing  her hat, so it was hard to take her outside.  Because it was so hot, alot of people were headint to the river.  We were hping to take Evie in for her first swim, but once DH jumped in her confirmed it was definitly too cold.  On Sunday thing unfourtunately went down for her.  With her eyes being sore, I think the sun was really bothering her.  So we were pretty much confined indoors but we had a fun first camp experience.

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