Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our first Saturday

Today Evie is 6 days old. Today is our second full day home from the hospital.

Evie has had another sleepy day. So have we, but for some reason we cannot sleep all day. She is still very much fighting the jaundice, we have had to wake her for every feed and she had only one wakeful period, during which she had a nice playtime with Daddy and Mommy managed to get a shower. Today we had one feeding from the breast, but it was just a lucky catch. I managed to catch her when she had just awoken and was happy. Tonight she is super sleepy, I tried my best to rouse her, and she did get a few good sucks, but she is just so tired. Poor Evie had to be touched by Daddy's cold hands. Which of course upset her and we had to switch to the bottle.

Today we tried out her Applecheeks for the first time. They fit just fine around the waist, but they are so bulky with the padding. Her little legs frog around and just touch underneath, it is hilarious.

Speaking of hilarious: the shneeze. We had just put Evie down on the changing table. Daddy had just taken off her diaper and out it came! Achoo became A-Poo. There was a lovely deposit right there on the table. Good thing we get over that reflex or the world would be a whole lot messier place.

We had some nice visitors Marie-Helene and Jaimie came over to visit us since they had such a short visit in the hospital. Not to mention they brought food, mmmmm. Too bad Evie can't have any.

Time to sign off for today, tomorrow is looking like a busy day, two appointments in one day. wish us luck, and punctuality.

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