Saturday, September 10, 2016

Toothless and Hiccup Babywearing Costume (from How to train a Dragon)

Last Halloween my Daughter we should all go as My Little Ponies. My husband wasn't super keen on the idea and voted on "team" costumes instead. His first idea was that he should be Hiccup and William should be Toothless, from How to Train a Dragon.  While that was a cute idea, I quickly realized it was an opportunity for an epic Babywearing costume. My husband was happy with the change of roles and the work began!


William's Hiccup costume began with purchased brown
leggings and a green long sleeved shirt. I made him a furry vest and booties to finish the look. He also got a non-movie accurate hat, but this is October, at night, in Canada! Hats on babies are not optional

Jason's costume was basically a pimped out black sweater. We made all the features out of foam and hot glued them together. The red section of the tail was printed and then modge-modged to a piece of foam.

Our carrier was the Galaxy Grey Ergo, for which I made a pleather slipcover, to give it the true "saddle" look

How AppleCheeks and the baby bundle are helping me win Pokemon Go!

I confess, I am a pokemom! Yes, I play that silly game, and AppleCheeks are helping me build my pokedex. I get it that these two things seem miles away from each other, but they really do go together.

Many mornings, I admit, I don't get dressed. This leaves me doing my chores around the house with no pockets on my person. But one thing I always have near is a mini-zip. This month The Baby Bum sent me one of their exclusive serendipity mini-zips as part of my Baby Bundle, so it has been my new go-to grab. I am most often wearing a baby carrier, so this gives me an easy way to attach my mini-zip and turn it into a faux pocket.

You may know that a component of the game is to walk kilometres to hatch eggs. Now as a I am running around my house, I am not going to miss out on those steps,  it's not unusual for me to do 1 or 2 kilometres basically going in circles! So I pop my phone in the mini-zip with the game open and go to it!

I guess that proves that I can be a mom, I can be cool, and I can use AppleCheeks for anything!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

new Applecheeks Charts

It has been awhile since I updated the charts on the blog, so here you go! Since AppleCheeks have been releasing new covers and mini-zips at an unprecedented rate, these were in need of a major update.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

How to tattoo a shirt

We all know those image transfer papers can be so super annoying and expensive, but I have found a cheap and easy way to add a little "branding" to items. Normal temporary tattoos are super easy to find in almost any image you could desire and applying them to any flat fabric is easy as pie.

-cut out tattoo
-something to use as an applicator (popsicle stick)

1.Remove the plastic layer. Apply a generous layer of mode podge to the face of the tattoo and press it onto the fabric.

2.Wait for it to dry
3. Use a wet cloth to wet the back of the tattoo and slide off the paper.

Seriously, that is it! I told you it was easy! My little pirates are very happy with their new outfits, and I hope your kids will be as well.

Organzing with exclusive swag from The Baby Bum

I may have mentioned in passing that my fabulous husband was awarded the title of "Best AppleCheeks Husband" in the contest run by The Baby Bum last christmas. After months of back and forth to get the design just perfect. Now all that work has come to fruition and I am excited to get things rearranged. My prize was technically the Hobo bag, but they were super nice and sent me a key fob as well! My May Baby Bundle was perfectly timed and brought me the serendipity mamaessentials bag, so everything got a refresh!

First lets start with a little backstory, when I was working through my design concepts with my friend, one became an obvious choice for me. This makes the bag even more special to me and a great way to combine my three loves: Evie, William and AppleCheeks! Each of my kids had their formal pictures taken three times in their first year, Newborn, 6 months and 12 months. For each of these photos they wore the same "signature" colour. It kind of happened as a mistake. Evie wore Raspberry Sorbet for her newborn pictures as it was the only current pink when she was a baby. I don't remember a conscious choice to put her in it for her sex month pictures as well, but with them the tradition was born! She obviously wore RS for her birthday pictures to complete the new trinity. When William was born I knew it was a tradition to follow so I chose Sailor Blue for his signature diaper. Partially because I just freaking love Navy Blue, and just a wee bit because it is so sought after. So when I realized just how special this exclusive could be, there was no turning back.

So let's talk about my new Hobo. My first Hobo bag was from the first red apples run and was the basic model. My new bag is model 2.0 and I love it! It includes two inner pockets which, obviously coincidently, hold a mama essentials on one side and a stuffed mini-zip on the other. I love how I don't have to be constantly digging for my purse when I want to get anything.

The serendipity mama essentials is also the new model, inside is a series of three card slots. Well, since I have the Baby Bum wallet to hold my cards I had to improvise! You know what else they perfectly hold? lipstick! My wallet was always burying my lipstick at the bottom of the bag, now it is right at the top and so perfect.

I am so excited to have this new edition of my day-to-day bag. Not only do they have so much wonderful new meaning, they also have some great upgrades to keep me super organized.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mini-zip Mania!

So most of you know that this year has been dubbed the "Year of the Mini-zip". Not only because each release has had a mini-zip released with it, so far this year, but because we have been promised a new mini-zip release for each Mommy Con event. So far we have seen:

First Crush
Unicorn tears
Lemon Zest
Purple Rain
 So that means we are half way through this season and each time the possibilities are decreased. If we look at the history of mini-zip release in chart form, we get:

A good portion of the historical line-up have already been produced in Mini-zip form, I marked these with an AppleCheeks apple. In addition there are lots that I would personally rule out, either because they are the same PUL colour as an existing sac, nearly the same colour as an existing sac (like SB and Believe), they are season colour set (like Joy! or TOC), or because they are a discontinued print. This leaves us with only:
-raspberry sorbet
-dark chocolate
-emerald city
-pink about it
-crazy love
This is not a long list when you consider we still have 4 to go! Now as they showed us with Unicorn Tears, they could come out of left field and bring us a brand new colour for one or more of these releases. Right now UT and the Strip are the only minis available in exclusive colours, but I could go for more!

But if I had to guess which four we might see coming back I would wager on:
-dark chocolate
-Raspberry Sorbet (Just because I am asking pretty please!!!!!)

What do you think the new releases will be?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

April Baby Bundle

Upon opening my April Baby bundle, many people would think the Austin Tie-Dye co bamboo blanket would be the show stopper. But I see past a simple Believe mini-zip to see a true expression of AppleCheeks spirit, brought to me by the co-operation of three amazing companies.

First, let's talk about retailer exclusives. A small selection of retailers have made the commitment to carry an exclusive AppleCheeks colour. This colour only available from that retailer and typically are available in all the sacs and diapers. AppleCheeks exclusives have included:

-Beet it (Lil Tulips)
-Emerald City (SnuggleBugz- retired)
-Serendipity (The Baby Bum)
-Believe (My Lil Sweet Pea)
-Always on my mind ( Nature's Baby Basket)
-Ocean's Playground (Fluffy Bottom Babies)
-Prairie Sky (Tiny Tree Hugger)

Did you see it? Right there in the list is your clue. I have spoken several times, in these monthly posts, about the beauty of Serendipity, which is the Baby Bum exclusive. But this time I have a Believe, which is the exclusive to My Lil Sweetpea, what is up with that? The answer is such a perfect example of the love in the AppleCheeks community. Every one of these retailers is more than welcome, and frankly expected to hoard their precious exclusive and keep it, well, exclusive to themselves. But the ladies at MLSP and TBB have executed a product exchange, which brought both amazing colors across the border. This going above and beyond in the name of sharing the AppleCheeks love to as many people as possible is at the core of the community and I am so proud of these retailers for exemplifying it!

To speak of my mini-zip directly, I am so excited to have a navy mini! I have been building up my stash of Raspberry Sorbet and Sailor Blue, and since neither have actually been made into a mini Believe will have to do! Now I just need to petition for Raspberry Sorbet.

My other item was a Bamboo blanket from the Austin Tie Dye Co., It is super super soft and pretty large. It would make an excellent swaddle, but of course my kids are far too big and wiggly to let me try! I have been making use of it as a scarf so I get to enjoy the feeling on my face all day long.